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Reconnect To Your Original Essence

What is your original essence? Your original essence is the highest potency of Source within you (your most pure Self). When we reconnect back to our original essence, we regain our innate power, clarity, consciousness, and much more which leads to knowing what we want to create as an unfolding of our highest purpose and highest possible life. Reconnecting to our original essence also allows us to embody a space of highest attraction (vortex of highest attraction) within ourselves through Source within.

master your Source Energy

Benefits can include but are not limited to…
  1. Feeling lighter and more joyful by being connected to your essence
  2. Releasing all the old stuff that is ready to be released through your own Source within
  3. Experiencing another level of Source within you
  4. Embodying another level of Source within your body
  5. Applying Source Energy to heal and balance all parts of your life
  6. Creating and manifesting your reality through your own Source within
  7. Utilizing Source Energy to release resistance to moving forward and removing the blocks to your highest possible level of attraction

Jump Into Your Source Vortex

This is an in-depth experience to master your Source Energy and utilize it to become the next level version of you. We can use Source Energy for:
  1. Healing our deep core wounds
  2. Releasing cords and attachments
  3. Stabilizing our connection with Higher Self and intuition
  4. Filling our holes/voids deep within
  5. …and much more!!!!
This retreat is set up to connect you to your own Source within, utilize that energy to heal yourself, ground you in your core, embody your Source Connection and reconnect you to the original essence of who you are. Sessions will be held daily on zoom at 7 am – 10 am India time and 7 pm -10 pm India time from March 30th – April 1st, 2024. You can choose to attend one or both sessions daily as they cover various time zones.
This is only available to those who have joined a Virtual Direct Source Connection Retreat in the past or will be joining one this year.

Testimonials for Our Retreats

“Hi Malika, I am feeling great!! The pressure is not there anymore and everything is flowing beautifully. This retreat is super intense and way more powerful!! Thank you so much for all that you do, I’ve no idea how you do it but I am so blessed to have found you. The retreat is absolutely beautiful and deep I can assure you I feel the cellular changes in my body.” -Sehar Mahajan, UK
“Dear Malika, my ♥️ is full of Love and Joy for you and all the others in this life. This expressed nervous system evolving in Source, through Source, to discover Source as EVERYTHING. I am fortunate to be alive and become an active part of a greater purpose, a Cosmic purpose. I am finding that Happiness of Source one step at a time. I look forward, without anticipation or expectation (maybe a little creeps in), to deeper experiences with Source; with you as a guide. What was given, on the Retreat, by Source to visualize the descent of Grace from a visualized Sun of Source is astounding. As is the second gift of visualizing the Love of Source within the point value in the Heart Chakra. Expanding into a “marriage” of Source (Divine Love) connecting within Its point value of Source, and this nervous system with the name of Peter Goodman. I feel the initial experience in its expression as a bud. I look forward to the bud opening and blossoming as an exquisite lotus within my Heart.Peter Goodman, USA”
“Wow- I experienced very intense, powerful- and lovely vibrations in both sessions. First thing I noticed was focused vibration in my perineal area/ root chakra. Like a sexual energy. In the second portion of the first session, I felt that move up into the solar plexus area as a more focused energy there – In the third portion, I could sense the vibration in my heart centre. Heart felt open – I had more intense energy sensations – A couple of times, it felt like ‘things shifting around’. It all felt delightful – It felt like the deepest sense of loving energy I’ve experienced so far. I felt vulnerable – a little bit shaky for a wee bit – My body sighed a few times — and relaxed and felt like I could ‘let go’ — like a letting go of control. Like I could just be. In my activation session – it was the strongest energy I’ve experienced so far- very powerful vibration – high vibration all over my body— I cannot remember which part -first or activation, I got information ‘hold purest intentions in my heart for highest good’ and that my vibration of this energy (love) will activate healing. Thank you for what you do!”Janine Eby, USA
After Malika’s retreat, I found my source vortex. I felt intuitively guided to take a spur of the moment trip to a city I’d never been to before and so I did. The moment I stepped off the plane in Miami, I nearly wept. I felt something I’d never felt in my whole life–like I belonged somewhere, truly and deeply. The entire trip was full of unexpected blessings, miraculous healings, increased spiritual immunity and resiliency, effortless alignment, and a deep happiness. It all was such a sudden and life-changing transformation beyond what I ever expected and I am now looking to make this move more permanent. I want to feel that bliss all the time!! I am so grateful for Malika’s retreat with Source, her healing gifts, and her presence in my life, which helped, and continues to help, to make sacred moments like this possible.−Katie Beers, USA
“So easy to connect to Source and have it embodied throughout day. Thank you for the upgrade Malika!”Stephen Chang, USA
“Thank you so much for the retreat and your work with us! My meditations are so much deeper this week and the connection practice you’ve shown us is very useful for maintaining the source connection during the day.”Wilhelm Alheit, UK

“Thank you so much for your guidance. I feel reborn from this retreat and one more good thing is we are doing it again end of March!💖”Pierre Lemieux, CA