Galactic Coaching

Source is galactic in itself as the center of the galaxy/solar system/universe. There are infinite Sources that exist. Our Source is the Central Galactic Sun in this universe. Hence, Direct Source Connection was formed through Malika’s strong connection with the Galactics. Source consists of many light codes put together. The Galactics helps bring those Light Codes down through the Sound given to you. Source’s fundamental nature is galactic and a part of connecting to Source is knowing your own Galactic Self and what is possible through it. Our Galactic Self pertains to our Source Self. This is the part of you that creates your own destiny, blueprints, energetic patterns etc. Malika has created a coaching program to be able to shift your energetic patterns, blueprints, destiny etc. through your own Galactic Self (Source Self) as well as explore many different dimensions and aspects of you to help integrate the shifts in your Human Self.

What are Light Codes?

Like a computer operates through coding, the universe operates through codes and vibrations that emanate from the original light codes. A vibration is an extension of a code. The code is the seed. The vibration is the essence/frequency of the seed. Yes, the universe operates on vibrations but it all starts from a core root which is a light code. Each time you merge with a light code and the vibration behind it, you shift your entire energy system since it changes the core programming and coding of your system. Galactic Coaching allows you to shift your Human Self by aligning it to your Source Self through application, dedication, and practice.

Galactic Coaching Includes:

1. Activating connection and communication with your own Galactic Self
2. Understanding the major patterns, imprints, blueprints that are running your life and how to shift them.
3. Receiving light codes from your own Galactic Self
4. Integrating your Galactic Self with your Human Self
5. Exploring many different dimensions and aspects of you
6. Learning Source Embodiment
7. Utilizing Source Hygiene (Spiritual Hygiene)
8. Birthing new creations through your Galactic Self
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Structure of the Program:

Sessions will be held once a month for 30 minutes. This program is only offered privately. The entire program is $2,350 if paid in full for the entire 12 months (12 sessions total). Payment Plans are available. For monthly payments, the cost will be $220 per session ($2,640 total for 12 sessions).