Connect to Source and unlock your full potential

Malika utilizes her innate gifts to connect you with your own God within and activate healing on all levels.

The God Frequency

Every person should have their own direct connection with God. Malika’s Direct Source Connection technique makes it easy to connect to God within. She activates the codes of your God Consciousness within the mantra channeled for you and also activates your God Frequency into it. This helps integrate all your transformation into your physical daily life. To know more about the Benefits of the God Frequency, Click Here.

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Some of the Lives Malika has Changed

Malika’s frequency healing has been an incredible experience. My son Daniel had a very serious near death experience that had a very challenging future outlook for him. Malika has been doing frequency healing sessions almost daily with Daniels higher self to connect what he needs most in his healing journey. It has been truly a miracle beyond anything I could’ve imagined possible. I have personally witnessed his anxiety being released watching his body start to move again over the past month, he is now able to smile getting back to being himself sitting up using his arms and legs. Malika has helped my son and his body come back into a better stronger self by working on everything from releasing anxiety to some shadow work and releasing unwanted energies and helping toxins from all the doctors medication‘s release out of his system as well as Daniel’s internal organs, Malika checks one by one the kidneys, liver, chest etc. Malika’s ability to detect what needs to be done is above and beyond. One of many examples was when he was in physical pain and not able To express it, Malika picked up on that then I conveyed message to nurse and got him onto Ibuprofen and that helped him by the next day. This has all transpired in only past few months. Words cant express the deep gratitude, amazement, joy and love that Malika’s frequency sessions have brought as well as gave me hope when I was told otherwise by the doctors. Malika is so patient, caring and exceptionally gifted at what she does. I feel so blessed to have found her and have learned so much about our “higher self” Thank you Malika. I’m forever grateful.
My work with Malika has been nothing short of miraculous. I first met her two months ago and she gave me the primordial sound and the frequency. During the rest of the day, I remained amazed by how different this energy felt from anything else I've experienced, how divine it felt, and how even the love aspect coming through it was distinct and more potent than I was used to. Since then I've had a couple of healing sessions with Malika, in which she clears karma, and regular frequency activation sessions, in which she upgrades the potency of the primordial sound and we decide on new intentions for the sound and frequency to work towards inside me automatically day and night. Primordial sound feels to me like the flame of divinity inside me that's kept burning by just meditating twice for half an hour daily. (I wish I were allowed to do more) And this meditation is the easiest and most enjoyable spiritual practice I've ever done. Because it's 'effortless meditation'. You don't even...Read More
Thank you for all you are doing for me and for those others that have found you from whatever brought them to you. What I see and feel from my heart - You are a new Guru of this new dawning Age of Enlightenment. What you are doing for me is transforming who and what I am. Thank you. I feel a deep connection to you as I told you from our first session. What I am “feeling” is the Primordial Sound is resonating in the “me” that is a nervous system BUT the Sound is also resonating Outside me. And what is happening, with me, is like the curtain between the two, that early in my life was like a blackout curtain at a movie theater, is becoming translucent. Now consisting of layers of gossamer fiber. During the recent Activation session there were what I could relate to as gossamer floating away from me that had been within my nervous system. I feel there is that growing Oneness (Unity), still beyond my “reach” BUT closer; that Unity BECOMING revealing Itself, within this nervous system, which is just an expression of that Unity, recognizing and becoming that Unity. You, as Malika, connected to Source, are a Blessing to this world, this Creation, and now with a growing appreciation of worldwide followers of your Grace and Love to and for all of us. I have a growing blossoming love focused to your mission that Source is unfolding through you. I bow down to your Divine mission to help us grow toward that realization of Source within and the Source outside of us is the same. Thank you