Lifetime Access for March 2023 Online Global Series

Here is your Lifetime Access to this Online Global Series! Thank you so much for purchasing Lifetime Access! This link will be live forever so please save it for the future as well! We are so pleased to serve you in all ways.

Christine's Free Gift

Dr. Karen's Free Gift

Stillness-on-the-Fly™ utilizes a simple 3-minute technique that takes you from feeling stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed, to feeling calm, centered, and connected!

A growing body of science demonstrates the benefits of meditation, including things like alleviating stress, lowering blood pressure, and improving memory. Unfortunately, the average busy, productive professional or homemaker has limited time to devote to meditation.

What if you could harness the benefits of meditation without spending copious amounts of time practicing it? 

What if you could still be “doing” while you are “being”? 

The Stillness-on-the-Fly can immediately bring you to a space of peace and calm, no matter where you are and what you’re doing.

Matthew's Free Gift


Matthew John guides you on a 12-minute journey to meet one of your Spirit Guides and to activate new psychic gifts!

Length of Program: 12:40 (Audio). Value of Program: $11.00.

Phyllis's Free Gift

Free Audiobook Reading by the Elohim of my book, “ONE - A Journey to a New Way of Being”

Which is an angelical map for humankind’s self-realization, awakening and ascension.

In and of itself, listening is a powerful experience, and a journey via encoded and frequency-based sound and Angelical Light Language—the Language of God’s Light.  It serves as a creative force and catalyst for multidimensional transformation on all levels of the human experience.

David's Free Gift

Access to 2000+ Articles and Resources on Davidya’s Blog

Davidya has a large blog to support people on their spiritual journey. Primary topics include:

– the stages of enlightenment and how they’re being experienced in the current time

– the means to unfold, like the effortless meditation Malika teaches

– the mechanics of consciousness and the way the world arises

– healing residual trauma, resistance, and other impediments

– refined perception and the layers of being

– the nature of reality and why we’re here

Gregory And Gail's Free Gift

Access Powerful Tools for Connecting to Higher Guidance and Raising Your Consciousness

Discover tools and techniques for opening your Intuition and connecting to your Higher Guidance. Relax and learn with guided tools that will help you reset your life, raise your consciousness, and develop a life for the good of all. 

Stefan's Free Gift

Clearing Lower Vibrational Energies From Your Field (Audio)

Malika's Free Gift

Free 15 Minute Consultation