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Soul Alchemy Led By The Pure Light Of Source

Brian Besco

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Transcending the Matrix- Live Workshop Recording

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The Interconnection Of The Energy Of Money And The Energy Of God

Sarah McCrum

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First Four Chapters of Sarah’s bestselling book ‘Love Money Money Loves You’

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Direct Source Connection

Patricia Cota Robles

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Free E-Book: It Is Time For You To Be Financially Free!

We are receiving unprecedented assistance from On High to help us through these challenging times. This help is being given to us in the form of powerful tools and Divine Guidance. This very important book reveals the KEY to our financial freedom, and it provides exercises and information that will allow us to reclaim our Divine Birthright, the natural flow of God’s Infinite Abundance.

This Free E-Book is available in English, Spanish and German.

The Principles Of Quantum Human Design In Relation To Source

Karen Curry Parker

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Free Quantum Human Design Chart

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Retraining Your Brain With Spirit

Adalina East

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Upper Universe Meditation

To access the Upper Universe, Adalina walks you through a guided meditation moving through the sky. Clear your chakras, breathe deeply and dive into divine peace.

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Womb Source Of Creation

Rebecca Wilson

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Awakening Deeper Love

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The Stages Of Self-Love As The Stages Of Source Ascension

Judy Cali

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Golden Source Rainbow Prayer 🙏🏻🌈🥰

I am One with All in the Heart of Creator as Source.

As I feel the Divine Light of Love move through all my Sacred Bodies, Minds & Hearts, my Radiant Light forms a Golden Rainbow of all Healing Colors of Creation.

I stand in the Truth of Who I Am & my Divine Vocation with Joy as Source. 

I send this Golden Rainbow of Love, from my Sacred Heart to all Sacred Hearts I am here to touch, with all my Golden Gifts, Talents, Abilities, Skills & Tools as I see Points of Light GLOW all over GAIA 🌎

As they receive my Golden Rainbow into their Sacred Hearts, I know as Source, I will guide all those I am here to touch & be touched by, with the Spiritual Integrity of Who I Am, easily, effortlessly & through Divine Grace.

I Smile as I feel I have fulfilled my Divine Intention.

As Source I feel Whole, Complete, Perfect & One with All in DIVINE PEACE

Judy Cali  💛

Receiving Your Divine Inheritance From Source

Deborah Fryer

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Manifesting Your Highest Possible Reality Through The Power Of Choice

Joy Baker

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Creating Health, Wealth and Feeling Blessed Audio!

During this audio we release trauma that has been weakening your immune system and which may have caused you to experience health issues. You are supported with expanding and opening up to financial abundance. We explain why it’s important that you give yourself permission to feel GOOD about creating and experiencing more of life and offer ways that you can support others that are experiencing hardship and struggle at this time. 

Metatron And Quan Yin: A Transmission On What Source Is

Carsten Spencer

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90 min process/playshop :

Awakening The Divine Feminine Aspects Of Source

Misa Hopkins

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Ancient Holding Meditation for Healing and Awakening

Join thousands around the world using the most ancient form of Sacred Feminine prayer—Holding. This guided meditation is over 1,000 years old and is known to permanently end life-long issues, open healing doorways, and take you into your true potential as a creative, sacred person. You don’t have to feel stuck, confused, anxious or overwhelmed. You deserve to enjoy a life feeling connected, peaceful and free.

De-Cluttering Your Life To Flow Naturally With Source

Mel Mason

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Freedom From Clutter - EBook

Resonance With The Source Spark Within You


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Free Intuitive Channeling with Malika and her Spirit Guides and Angels.

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Reclaiming Your Inner Feminine To Activate Source Power

Jonita D’Souza

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Sensualise Your Womb

Releasing Energetic Blocks Through Super-Consciousness

Neepam Jain

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3 Day Workshop: Heal Your Money Blocks

Embodying Higher Self And Spirit By Upgrading Your Aura

Barbara Canals

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Divine Light Language Energy Transmission

Contacting Higher Self For Spiritual Growth And Ascension

Dr. Bruce Goldberg

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5 Self-Hypnosis Exercises