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Lifetime Access For October-November 2022 Summit

Here is your Lifetime Access to this Summit! Thank you so much for purchasing Lifetime Access! This link will be live forever so please save it for the future as well! We are so pleased to serve you in all ways.

Awakening Source From The Inside Out

Katrina Armstrong

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Keys To Your Soul's Evolution

Using Your Soul Power To Align With Source

Kristen Bielecki

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Divine Union Daily Affirmation

Elements Of Source: Light Codes, Sound Codes, And The Rainbow Rays

Julie Dhara Roberts

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Rainbow Tones Activation

Exploring Your Elemental Nature For Source Connection

Margo Fraser

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Accessing Stillness Under The Chaos With Your Earth Elemental

Upgrading Your Energy System To Embody Your Full Potential

Barbara Canals

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Source Energy Transmission

Everything Is Source

Kerri Lake

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Jumping Into Source Bliss: 4 Audios To Feel Source Bliss In The Mundane Reality

Awakening To The Presence Of Source In Each Moment

Ambujam Rose

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Ambujam's 60-Minute Group Power Healing!

The Original Purity Of Essence Of Source

Ana La Rai

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Oneness: Experiences Of Pure Connection

Entering The United Field

Richard Melchizedek

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Free Starseeds Origin MP3

Free Ebook

Balancing Your Creational Energy Webinar

Vision And Expansion

Grace Hom

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4 video sessions

Day 1: Entity Clearing 

Day 2: Whole-brain, whole-body integration

Day 3: Love and Peace in Every Organ

Day 4: Vagus Nerve Support

Allowing God’s Plan To Unfold For You

Alara Canfield

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Trust & Boost Your Light Mp3s

These powerful healing mp3s will help you to have more trust in yourself, your path, your Higher Self as well as fill you up with more light and access one of your gifts so that you can begin to fully align with your soul path, purpose, and mission. These are encoded with powerful activations, transmissions, and infusions of light, frequencies and energies to uplift, inspire, and support you while aligning you to the truth of who you truly are.

The Moment Of Surrender Into Source

Masami Covey

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Activate Your Innate Power Center and Step into Your Life

Our collective ecosystem has become out of balance, and therefore we are being asked to course correct internally and collectively shift our consciousness. But, this requires you to ignite and activate your own Power Center in your body, so you can digest and release outmoded patterns and beliefs, and direct your actions toward a higher purpose.  If your body is chronically exhausted, burned out, and low on energy, you will become stuck in survival mode.  To truly thrive in this ecosystem of rapid changes, you need to restore your body’s inner capacities and reach past your blockages to engage fully with the world.

Utilizing The Magical Healing Powers Of My Liquid Fish For Source Alignment

Jimmy Mack

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The My Liquid Fish™ Change made simple™ Online Starter Kit
(valued at $111)

The Next Stages Of Planetary Ascension

Stellar Fairbairn

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Humanity is Golden - Free Audio

Connecting With Source Through Child-Like Play And Creating The World With Imagination

Haruko Blue Star Child

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All of HaRuKo's music can be listened to for free

Direct Source Connection


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Free 15 Minute Consultation

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