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The Miracle Of Source Experiencing Itself

Dorothy Rowe

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The Source Of Creation Healing The Immune System

Arcturian Source Light Transmission

Viviane Chauvet

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Starseed Awakening Meditation

Messages From The Council On Source

Amy Sikarsie

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energy healing meditations

Note: To access Amy’s free offer, scroll to the bottom of the page. Select your desire of meditation series and have free access to them. 

A Galactic Exploration Of Source

Elizabeth Wood

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Healing 3 Minds Ebook, Psychic Development Class, Galactic Forgiveness Meditation, Horizons EP, Monthly Call

Accessing The Infinite Field Of Source

Susann Taylor Shier

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Ignite Your Unique Soul Purpose & "The Year Of Finding Your TRUE Authority" mp3

Within the pages of this powerful eGuide, Susann activates your inner North Star to feel confident in making choices that will vastly improve your career, health, relationships and overall well-being. This gift also includes a video exercise to connect to dependable guidance for stellar decision making. 

Includes Bonus mp3: “The Year of Finding Your TRUE Authority”

Channeling Your Inner Genius

Mellissa Seaman

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What is your soul gift?

Discover your deepest gift in just 2 minutes with this fun quiz.  From there, you can reveal your true genius, your right role in the world, and how to even get PAID for being who you are.

Experiencing Freedom Through Higher Dimensional Consciousness

Lori Spagna

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Unlock Your Dormant DNA & Get a FREE Sample DNA Activation with this GIFTED mp3 class from Lori

How to Help Your Animals via Telepathy & Energy Healing

Intergalactic Healing

Vandana Atara Aura

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7 Day Chakra Activation Journey

These 7 sacred & restorative meditative healing journeys are designed to soothe, support & resource you to align with your divine spark, quiet  your mind, relax your body & re-set your nervous system to help you become a balanced, resilient & emotionally intelligent being.

Start Your 7 Day Chakra Activation Journey Today!

7 MP3s – 7 Days A Week (100 Minutes Playtime)

Re-Sourcing Through Your Higher Aspects

Gaitana & Yantal

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Crystal Energy Activation

An Embodied Activation Of Source By Higher Dimensional Beings

Yedyamya Starlight

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Star Language Activator: The Path to Wholeness - Oneness

Star Language Activators are written transmissions of Star Language to support and assist the Collective Consciousness.  These drawings are channeled from the Higher Realms and everything you see (including the color) is intentional.  The Activators work on a multidimensional level and are great tools in the awakening process.  Gaze at the image while asking to receive what you need in the moment to support your highest good and greatest potential.

Star Language Transmission: Become Oneness

A Star Language transmission and message from the Higher Dimensional Beings of Light to assist you in Becoming Oneness.  To optimize the transmission, listen while gazing at the The Path to Wholeness – Oneness Activator and ask to receive exactly what you need in this moment to support your highest good and greatest potential.

The Power of Glyphs

Dr. Jean Logan

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Glyph #5 - Fear PDF

Divine Energy Tools To Harmonize Life Energy Within

 Peter Benson

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Archangel Metatron Pendant Giveaway

We will be holding a Raffle exclusively for our Source Bliss Community to gift one of Peter’s tools! He will be gifting a Archangel Metatron Pendant to one lucky person (a value of $350). To enter the contest, simply email us a video about your favorite episode from this Summit and what Source is to you! Email all submissions to support@jumpintosourcebliss.com

Note: We will be announcing the Raffle Winner on July 7th during a Live Event that we will be announcing soon!

Utilizing The Power Of Source Through Decrees

Nidhu B Kapoor

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A list of decrees for relieving stress and much more!

Source Frequency Activation


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Free 15 Minute Consultation

Only for those who haven’t received one yet!

Integrating Source Into The Physical Reality

Eesha Patel

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Four Foundational Practices

The Four Foundation Practices is daily guided meditation to help people get started on their spiritual journey and raise their vibration.

Embodying Source Through Core Awareness Intelligence

Liz Koch

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Weight & Fluid Movement For A Healthy Psoas

Liz Koch introduces you to exploring the use of weights to enhance a fluid core.  Energizing the fluid system through weights, fluid movement, and gravitational shift enhances communication throughout the nervous system, increases bone proprioception, nourishes organs, and viscera improves orientation, and spatial awareness. Hydrating tissue, including your juicy psoas, offers both core strength and dynamic resiliency.

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